Ifintek is a professional technology design house with a unique combination of know-how, innovative design methodologies and wide-ranging experience which are required for the execution of projects successfully. Ifintek strategy for development is based on organic growth, which stems from its vision of technological evolution and needs of the world for intelligentization.


This strategy is constructed around four main aims

● Supply Value-added PC solutions to our customers;

● Partnership with our customers in their drive for growth;

● Build solutions that are based on statutory norms and latest market technologies;

● Help to create smart devices for a connected world.




Ifintek offers a wide range of customer specific solutions using appropriate technology to produce optimal results in a very cost effective manner. We partner with our customers and are always working to produce OEM solutions to enable them to create value in their offerings. What’s more, Ifintek also provides responsible trading services on searching suitable suppliers, inspecting items as third party, arranging international logistics and following after-sales issues for customers, which is most probably to protect profit of international buyers.


Our products are our strength and showcase our strive to deliver the highest quality and best service of work constantly which is why some of the solutions in our corpus have been positioned aggressively in the international market.